Jon Parker's
Needle Exchange

Parker posts a flier in Boston's "Combat Zone" on Christmas Day.
In the Combat Zone, a crime-infested section of Boston, Parker puts up a poster urging addicts to clean their needles.
One of the posters that Parker hangs frequented near drug addicts.
Parker searches an alley in Downtown Boston for IV drug users.
Parker exchanges needles anywhere he can, even as he drives an addict to a Boston AIDS testing facility.
One of Parker’s kits which contains condoms, cotton, water, bleach and information on how to stay AIDS free. Jersey City, NJ.
Parker meets with a group of addicts under the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn.
An IV drug user in Brooklyn, NY.
Parker speaks with a women in New Haven, Connecticut, on how to remain AIDS free as he tries to get her to come to his weekly meetings.
The National AIDS Brigade store front in New Haven, Connecticut.
After being arrested for his illegal needle exchange work, Parker was acquitted through the use of the "necessity defense." The judge concurred that although it is illegal to possess or distribute hypodermic needles without a prescription, Parker's motivation and interest in saving lives was more important.
Parker meets the press after being acquitted in Boston's Municipal court in January 1990.
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